SVOOM, E-Wallet, E-Remit, E-Card, E-Transact

Your solutions under one secure roof
All collections and payments are processed using just your email and Svoom password.
Connect you e-wallet with your corporate account or prepaid / debit SVOOM card for more solutions and flexibility.
Your financial information remains private and confidential as only you can access the data inside our licensed financial institution.
Send and Receive Money Worldwide Send and Receive Money Worldwide
Send and Receive Money Worldwide

Pay suppliers, service providers, affiliates, freelancers, friends, employees, digital merchants around the world with many payment options.

Accept receipts from people, merchants and your own bank accounts worldwide. 

The Business Wallet
Financial Statements

Proper accounting is essential for any business. You can create and export detailed statements and reports with our elaborate statistics and analytics tools.

Financial Statements Financial Statements
Exchange Currencies

Your E-Wallet can hold funds in multiple currencies. You can also move funds in the same currency between your different wallets for free!

 Exchange Currencies  Exchange Currencies
Multiple Wallets

Create multiple wallet accounts to easily manage your cash flow from one or more businesses. One account can house an unlimited number of e-wallets.

Multiple Wallets Multiple Wallets
Multiple Currencies

Create an e-wallet for each currency you need for efficient business solutions. Enjoy unlimited loading and numbers of wallets.

Multiple Currencies Multiple Currencies
Separate Balance & Details

Every e-wallet within your main SVOOM account has a separate running balance with its own transaction details and funding options.

Separate Balance & Details Separate Balance & Details

Pay out by a wire transfer (SWIFT/SEPA/TARGET2), transfer to your SVOOM debit/prepaid card, send a remittance by cash, transfer to a friend, transfer to a digital merchant, pay anywhere online and many more.

Collect or load funds by, using your credit/debit card, wire transfer (SWIFT/SEPA/TARGET2), bank payment, cash remittance, merchant rewards or even loyalty programs. Employee or staff payroll programs are now easier and more efficient than ever!

Options Options

Purchase your SVOOM Debit / Prepaid cards and attach it to your E-Wallet. Load them with funds instantly and use them around the world at all MasterCard authorized ATM machines, Point of Sale stores and Online digital sites.  

Cards Cards