Frequently Asked Questions

Who may apply for SVOOM e-wallet or prepaid card?

Any legal entity from all over the world who wants to enjoy fast, easy and cheap payment solutions. Individuals who are related (Director, Secretary, Attorneys or UBOs) of a legal entity which is already a SVOOM client may apply as well.

What is exactly an e-wallet and what can I do with it?

The E-Wallet is an online payment account and as many call it a “digital wallet” that people can use to make deposits and then pay out for products or services online.

The e-wallet can also be used to accept payments from other merchants (online sites) or individuals.

Whether you want to pay online, send money or get paid, an E-Wallet offers a fast, simple and secure alternative to traditional payment methods.

How to use it?

There are two main types of E-Wallet transactions – money in and money out.

Money in

We can setup many options for getting money into your eWallet –either through wire transfers (SEPA/SWIFT/TARGET2) cash stores or credit card transfers.

Money out

There are many options for using a E-wallet for money out

• Deposit funds to online websites in which the merchant has an E-Wallet account

• Send money to another person with E-Wallet account • Send money to an individual online using Money Transfer service

• Get a SVOOM prepaid MasterCard to withdraw your money from any ATM in the world

Buy on merchant online websites

More and more merchants can offer E-Wallet as a payment option for making fast and secure purchases on their websites.

Get a SVOOM Prepaid MasterCard®

With our SVOOM E-Wallet, you can also have access to our SVOOM prepaid cards. You can use the prepaid card to get instant withdrawals at ATMs worldwide or to pay for items at millions of retail point-of-sale locations worldwide and online everywhere MasterCard® is accepted.

What are the fees/ charges for an e-wallet or a SVOOM prepaid Mastercard?

Opening a SVOOM e-wallet account is free.  There are low fees for receiving money and making personal payments, including goods and services purchase payments, international payments and withdrawing money and those are provided upon request from SEPAGA at or at

Are there any limitations or restrictions?

SVOOM brand is powered from SEPAGA E.M.I. LTD which is a licensed Electronic Money Institution which complies with the AML Regulations and Directives, therefore limitations and KYC/DD procedures apply to all transactions and account openings. Those limitations and restrictions are provided upon request from SEPAGA at or at

How do I apply for a SVOOM prepaid MasterCard?

To apply and get a SVOOM prepaid MasterCard you firstly need to open a SVOOM e-wallet as the cards are loaded only through the SVOOM e-wallet for security and monitoring purposes. For more information please contact SEPAGA at or at