About Us

The SVOOM E-WALLET is a secure Digital Wallet for fast and easy global collections and payments. SVOOM brand is powered by Sepaga EMI Limited which is a regulated Electronic Money Institution, licensed from the Central Bank of Cyprus with license No. 

SVOOM and Sepaga

SVOOM and SEPAGA have been developed for Global Payment Transaction Services as in the modern economy, international trade has become essential for businesses of all sizes across the world. It is no longer a question of growth; in many cases it is a question of survival. Both SEPAGA as an E.M.I. and SVOOM as a brand aim to grow and assist the chain of payment throughout the world.


SVOOM can improve your financial performance and allow you to increase international business by reducing the associated costs, risks and delays in the international payment process. We also improve your customer and supplier relationships by allowing you to trade in the currencies of your choice. Wonder what are the benefits?

  • You can access your accounts anywhere in the world on-line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • You can send and receive money internationally, instantly and at a cost lower than most Bank Institutions.
  • You can create sub-accounts on-line immediately, to give a single access for receiving or sending funds for all accounts and all currencies.
  • You can use the currency that your suppliers and customers use without the need to exchange.
  • You can profit from immediate delivery of foreign currency at rates better than those given by Bank Institutions.
  • You can enjoy the security of our own and our associated companies in a fully licensed and regulated financial institutions environment. 


We bride for our experienced team of professionals able to help setup and manage all your digital Wallet needs and enquiries. SVOOM team involves professionals with not only banking but also accounting, legal and IT industries


By opening an account, a business can market the fact that has the ability to accept and send payments in multiple international currencies all over the world.  For small corporations, world-wide this is a huge advantage over their competition who oblige customers to trade in a specific currency. By maintaining and using this advantage, it will vastly reduce the risk of loss on exchange and the cost of making that exchange. Reduce of costs and time are considered as being the most valuable benefits for small and large corporations who enjoy the fast, easy and cheap solution of SVOOM for their everyday payment needs.